-17°C Taiwan Dessert Shop @ Kota Damansara

Kota Damansara is known as dessert heaven because of the rapid growth of desserts shops to nurse people with sweet tooth/sweet craves.

-17°C  is  one of the dessert brand to satisfied the increasing popularity of demand from dessert lovers. One of -17°C  dessert shop’s objective is to create a concept that give the impression of being fresh and modern while communicating convenience for consumer.

Before the major revamp, the internal construction of the shop was already partially geared up. The construction team cover only on minor parts and shifting the main glass door inwards, providing extra space for Al-fresco indulgence. After completing on the external construction, we proceed to begin the internal renovation aesthetically.

As seen in the perspective below, the interior design shows a combination of fresh green and light neutral tone used to create a simple yet comfortable atmosphere

A mixture of chestnut lamination is combine with white and green top to create a sense of natural concept. Fresh green is applied again for the hanging ceiling to give contrast to the stainless steel menu signage. The dessert shop is designed with comfort and simplicity in mind, giving customers the ultimate indulgence.

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