Getting the most out of your interior design budget!

  • Confirm on your budget
  • Understanding the payment & design fees policy
  • Trusted Recommendations
  • References and Portfolio review
  • Having an alternate budget
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Why do I need an interior designer?

  • Discussion, exchanging views and information
  •  Site inspection
  • New floor plans
  • 3D perspective visualization
  • Discussion, suggestions and improvements
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Understanding the roles of an architect & interior designer.

It’s crucial for clients and society to recognize and understand well on the roles of an architect/remodel-contractor, and an interior designer. There is a huge difference between these two.

An architect undergoes lengthy and extended years of education on the subject. They specialize in building construction, the close relationship between……

An interior designer plays a secondary role to an architect. They undergo a minimum……

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TGV Club @ Sunway Pyramid.

TGV Sunway Pyramid was first launch in 1997, it was the first ever cinema in Malaysia to introduce the total cinema concept enhancing movie experience by providing choice, comfort and convenience as an all in one package.

In mid 2011,TGV Club Sunway Pyramid commenced a major revamp and upon its completion in December 2011, collapsed two halls into one, introducing the brand new IMAX theatre hall with a 57-feet wide screen and a seating capacity of 292. The refurbished Cineplex reflects a total cutting edge concept that is …….

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-17°C Taiwan Dessert Shop @ Kota Damansara

Kota Damansara is known as dessert heaven because of the rapid growth of desserts shops to nurse people with sweet tooth/sweet craves.

-17°C  is one of the dessert brand to satisfied the increasing popularity of demand from dessert lovers. One of -17°C  dessert shop’s objective is to create a concept that gives……….

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