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1. What exactly does Designers Home do? Designers Home is an online based company with both professional residential and commercial interior designers. We focus on working together to transform client’s idea and concept with the help of 3d visualizing to achieve maximum satisfaction. 
2. What does Designers Home do for Residential interior design? For residential interior design, we work closely together with our clients ideas to create the desired concept of an ideal space planning. From the first step of concept to the last step of completion, Designers home focus on assisting clients to a better understanding of the whole process with the aid of 3d visualizing experiences. 
3. What does designers Home do for Commercial interior design? For Commercial interior design, our professional designers have the ability to work with business associates who are in search of a match between an ideal space planning and their personal corporate identity. A brand new concept is created to ensure client’s maximum satisfaction. 
4. There are many interior designers in Malaysia. What sets Designers Home apart?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Designers’ home is an online base Malaysia Interior Design Company concentrating mainly in Malacca and Selangor region. We provide services through computer networks as well as actual site visits. There is an optional choice of hiring your personal contractor or contractor services provided by Designers Home. In addition, for maximum satisfaction and ideal outcome, Designers Home focus on transforming client’s concept and ideas into 3d visualization before proceeding to the actual constructions. 
5. What is Designers Home’s Style? There is no fix style, collaboration with each of every individual clients produces different design concept according to client’s preferences, structure of the building, its surroundings, as well as the budget. Every space designed reflects client’s individual personality. 
6. Does Designers Home include Standard 2D detailing drawings? Yes we include Standard 2D detailing drawings with additional charges. But if client choose to work with our carpenter and contractors, Standard 2D detailing drawings will be included without any additional charges. 
7. Can Designers Home provide all of the services required for the project? Designers Home provides optional construction services depending on client’s demand, but client may have to hire their own set of architect and engineer. 
8. Does Designers Home take on small projects? Yes. We believe every project’s collaboration with different clients adds on valuable experiences to our portfolios. 
9. Is Designers Home willing to work on only one area rather than an entire home project? Yes, it’s not necessary to be an entire project, Designers Home work on small or one area too depending on client preferences. 
10. How much say do I have in the design? Client’s input adds value. Every client’s personal preferences, ideas and concept together with our professional interior designers experiences and design flair  makes great advantages for us to work efficiently to achieve the maximum outcome and satisfaction. 
11. What if I’m not happy with the design proposal? Our responsibility is to ensure clients are at maximum satisfaction with the final design outcome. If client is not satisfied with the first design proposal, there will be two additional amendments free of charge. More often mutual approval will be reached within the second amendments. Additional charges will be included for further amendments after that. 
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