Getting the Most Out of Your Interior Design Budget!

An interior designer’s role in your plan to remodel or transform an ideal home is crucial in assisting you to achieve that aim without much hassle. Most clients face difficulty in organizing the development and finding the right person to conduct the transformation. Hence, appointing an interior designer is the fundamental foundation to your ideal home.

Collaborating with an interior designer will perhaps render an expense that some may find it hard to justify, however when considering the abundance of creativity, comprehension, concept and ideas that every interior designer strive utmost to dish out to offer you, rest-assured  it’s an expense that you are definite to never regret.

Be reminded that an Interior designer does not only offer their services, most importantly they offer you with their knowledge. You are paying for their expertise.

Below are some of our tips in getting the most out of your budget.

Confirm on your budget

  • Every individual project fees differs depending on every individual client’s specific needs and preferences alongside their budget fees. Clients are advice to voice out the budget and payment policy upfront to make sure that you not only can afford the services but also to get the most out of your budget.
  • Let your interior designer know whether you are interested in a whole make over or just on selected area.
  • A proposal based on client’s requirements will be provided including the full quotation and design fees within the desired budget. From there, interior designers will work and plan according to client’s priorities for the space and how your budget can best fit in and fulfill your needs.
  • Request a full proposal with everything itemized before the project begins.
  • A full proposal should include an outline of the scope of work, the services to be provided, a preliminary schedule, the design fees and billing schedule. This will help you get a break down of how much and how every penny is spent in the entire process.

Understanding the payment & design fees policy

  • Each interior design firm function differently and has various fee structures, be sure to get your interior designer elaborate clearly on the company’s policy before proceeding to the next stage. Some interior design firm charge their design fees per sq.ft, and their payment policy is hourly-rate according to the length of time they are involved in your project. Here in Designers Home, we charge our design fees per area. Our payment policy requires percentage-based payment structure, whereby an established amount of deposit (60%) is paid upfront before the work begins, and the balance (40%) is due at the completion of the project.

Just to make things confirmed, find out from your interior designer will there be any extra charges in the middle of the development, is there any hidden cost that haven’t been stated out yet.

Clients should identified, check upon and confirmed on a clear payment policy in advance to enable a smooth collaboration between client and interior designer.

Trusted Recommendations

  • When deciding to hire an interior designer, be firm with your choices. Make certain that it’s someone you can fully trust as they will be the one conducting and supervising the entire design process of your future home.
  • The project will at least be going on for few months. You will need to be comfortable working together for this period.
  • Your trusted interior designer will have to understand your needs, goals and is able to work within your budget. It will be all the better if you have strong recommendations from close friends and associates before deciding on a certain designer.

References and Portfolio review

  • Choosing and deciding on an interior designer is something you will not want to do in haste. When you have a few choices in mind, be sure to checked on their professional credentials, examine and evaluate their portfolio or website more meticulously.
  • Browse and read through testimonials by previous clients. Know the reasons they are trusted and hired, understand their style and strength, above that check upon any dissatisfaction by clients too.

Ask questions

  • Its every consumer’s right to get the most out of their payment. An experience designer should understand your doubts and uncertainties and willing to spend time elaborating on their services and knowledge.
  • Take the opportunity to know your interior designer more personally, communicate on your concept and ideas, and ask all you need to know without hesitation.
  • Here are some exemplary questions clients can ask during the initial meeting:
  1. How much say do you have on your own ideas and thoughts? Will they work from there or they will provide you with a whole new proposal?
  2. Will they be managing the whole project from the design to the construction stage? If no, will they be able to provide you with contacts of architects, contractors and carpenters who you may need to work together with?
  3. Can they work within your budget and still produce a work up to par with standard?
  4. Do they have experience designing a project similar to yours?
  5. Who will be the one choosing and deciding on the finishes, materials, furniture and lightings? Will they charge extra for these services?
  6. What is the payment policy?
  7. Will they include supervision service during the progression? Will they charge extra?
  8. What if you are not satisfied with the initial proposal, are there chances to do amendments? Will they charge extra?
  9. What are the scopes of work involved? Can they list out the steps and how everything will work out?
  10.  Is there any official documents involved to ensure your rights and stated rules and regulations?

Having an alternate budget

  • Another safe way to ensure clients are not over their expectation budget is to have an alternate budget.
  • There is no harm in keeping a part of your budget in reserve without acknowledging your interior designer. In fact, it’s a great and safe way to keep eye on your budget. No interior designer/contractor can ensure you a 100% clear fee structure.
  • There might be surprises of structural problems, plumbing and electrical mistakes. When these happen, you will be prepared and have an amount of additional cash to spare.
  • If the project went smoothly under your budget, you will have your bills paid hassle free and extra cash to spare as well.

Many consumers are intimidated by the thought of appointing an interior designer for fear of over budget. It is our firm belief that everyone and anyone can afford the services without breaking the budget. In regardless of large or small scale, everyone deserve the best solution to a well design home .

Good luck with your project!

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