TGV Club @ Sunway Pyramid

TGV Sunway Pyramid was first launch in 1997, it was the first ever cinema in Malaysia to introduce the total cinema concept enhancing movie experience by providing choice, comfort and convenience as an all in one package.

In mid 2011,TGV Club Sunway Pyramid commenced a major revamp and upon its completion in December 2011, collapsed two halls into one, introducing the brand new IMAX theatre hall with a 57-feet wide screen and a seating capacity of 292. The refurbished Cineplex reflects a total cutting edge concept that is more to luxurious contemporary design. Apart from the brand new IMAX hall, it houses three other newly designed halls such as The Club; a premier hall, The beanieplex; a beanbag seating style hall, and the Tiered-seating halls; there’s a variety of seating options to cater everyone’s need.

The brand new TGV Club at Sunway Pyramid is designed with luxurious & contemporary in mind. The main hues are of silver, gold and classy neutral tones. Material selection was top notch with the ticket booth constructed clean cut with white marble finishes. To deliver luxurious to a higher note, hidden LED lighting were used to enhance the whole atmosphere.

Apart from the rich hues and material selections as key finishes, the enhancer to the whole luxurious atmosphere are the lightings. Hidden LED lightings were carefully and brilliantly applied to allow signage and posters to sparkle and attract attentions.

Neutral tones of creamy beige and brown, black mirror glass, Stainless steel and dark oak timber panels along the cinema corridor are the key finishes and materials that set the tone for a warm  elegant luxurious color palette that allows signage and poster  frames to stand out.

Looking at the overall interior  space, the whole materials and hues selection blends in perfectly well from ceiling to carpet to create that classy luxurious feel that enable moviegoers to enjoy every experience in TGV Club.

Designers’ Home was honored to be hired as the interior designer firm to handle the revamp project . It was a smooth progression for us. The fully revamp TGV Club Sunway Pyramid is argue ably  a whole new movie experience in town.  Movie fans can now enjoy the latest blockbusters movie with style in the exclusive TGV Club, beanieplex and IMAX hall too!

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