It’s crucial for clients and society to recognize and understand well on the roles of an architect/remodel-contractor, and an interior designer. There is a huge difference between these two.

An architect undergoes lengthy and extended years of education on the subject. They specialize in building construction, the close relationship between the structure and environment, mathematics and professional detailed drafting. The integrity and soundness of a building depends solely on the skill and knowledge of an architect. With their knowledge on the rules and regulations of state and city codes, they are responsible in getting the permits and important documents completed for the construction of any building. If you are looking for a specialist to construct your house from scratch, an architect is who you will need.

An interior designer plays a secondary role to an architect. They undergo a minimum of 3-4 years of design education and have certified qualification on the subject. An Interior designer does not only design your house, they work within the interior of a structure aesthetically and make certain that the quality, function and concept of the project meets client’s expectation and budget. They have the skill to solve problems. An interior designer may also deal with issues of safety like accessibility, building codes and structural aments. But they do not have the authorization to provide permits and architectural plans to be approved by local bureaus.

Projects are mostly hand down from architects after completing the exterior and fundamental construction, whereby an interior design proceeds to take over the job of designing the interior of the structure aesthetically. Architects and interior designers work hand in hand with clients and both have critical roles in ensuring the development of a project.

The goal of an architect is to make our world firm and secure to live in, while an interior designer’s goal is to make our world aesthetically and functionally better to live in.

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