Why Do I Need an Interior Designer?

It is important for clients to decide on their needs to hire an interior designer. Mentioned in previous article, an interior designer can help save plentiful of time.

Here are the typical progress practices in Designers’ Home. Progression between Client and interior designer

Discussion, exchanging views and information

1) A thorough discussion between the designer and client is essential for the designing progress. Floor plans provided by clients are vital to start off our designing stage. (Floor plans, concept, color scheme, desire materials and budget can be voice out by client).

 Site inspection

2) Site visit and inspection on the space will be done by our professional interior designer to identify a perfect solution towards an innovative design.

New floor plans

3) A new floor plan is produced by our professional interior designers and emailed to the client for arrangements and double confirmation on details.

3D perspective visualization

4) Upon confirmation on floor plans, we start the process of illustrating the 3D conceptual view of the future home.

Discussion, suggestions and improvements

5) Upon completion, drawing will be emailed or an appointment will be schedule for confirmation. Further discussion and suggestion can be made to improve and achieve the desired outcome.

With the final outcome client can then proceed to the next step with own contractors.

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